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LazyIde Neovim Configuration

See the LazyIde Install section to install the LazyIde Neovim configuration.

Nvims Configuration Selection

Once the lazyman command and LazyIde configuration are installed, use the nvims command to select and open the LazyIde Neovim configuration. This will automatically alias vi to use Neovim with the LazyIde config.

Persistent nvim alias

Optionally, create a shell alias for vi or nvim to use the LazyIde Neovim configuration. To do so, add something like the following to your shell initialization file (typically ~/.bashrc for Bash users or ~/.zshrc for Zsh users).

alias nvim="NVIM_APPNAME=lazyman/LazyIde nvim"

NVIM_APPNAME environment variable

In Neovim 0.9+ the environment variable NVIM_APPNAME is used to determine which Neovim configuration is used. Use this environment variable to automatically tell Neovim to use LazyIde. To do so, add the following to your shell initialization file:

export NVIM_APPNAME="lazyman/LazyIde"
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